Dear Friends!

From the author

Hello! I'm Alexey Ripenko, and I want you to present your project, as, I believe, will help each person to take control of your finances and reach its goals with me, because I use it with you.
The project is developed as a multi-lingual, international. At the moment available only English and Russian. Once the project is more or less stabilized, then will add new languages.

Project just born. Develops. Therefore, there may be slight errors, inaccuracies. I ask a sincere apology. Mistakes, offering new features, you can easily send messages to alexey [at] ​​ripenko.ru.


In every life there was a person to a situation where, like, and earn more and more money and "running out in a bottomless barrel." And you have no idea how this could even happen. There are no major purchases, no pointless waste, but money are uncontrollably disappeared.

The creation of this project have prompted several books, one of them, Vladimir Savenok. How to create a personal financial plan and how to implement it. I have several goals:

  1. Committing all the cost / income in my family.
  2. Planning. Budgeting.
  3. To understand how, when, and how much can I invest in their retirement, their children's education.
  4. Content and control the financial plan.
  5. Provide the tools for the above.


For the implementation of the mentioned goals, I developed the following features:

  1. Subjects.

    I mean members who are directly involved in the formation of the plan.
    There are several types of actors:
    1. User.
      While there is no way to manipulate the individual participants.
    2. User group.
      You can create, edit, delete, and invite others to join the group.
      Type the user group until one - family. For example, the Family "Obama" Family "Johnson", Family "Taylor" etc. ..

    Each team member has access to only those items / revenue, operations, facilities, the matching entity.
    It will be described in more detail for each situation.

  2. Items of income / expenditure.

    A grouping of operations for directions. Typical: Food, Gasoline, Wages, clothes / shoes, etc. ..

    When creating or editing you choose a subject that is accessible to this article. Accordingly, you can select an object for the selected subject, and can not choose.

    You have access to his articles as income / expenditure and items of user groups in which you belong.

  3. Objects.

    These are your assets or liabilities that are used as the relevant articles of the gains / losses.

    You have access to both his own and the users' groups in which you belong.

  4. Operations.

    It's all your financial activities you want to monitor.

    Each operation has the date of the transaction. Also to be determined source of revenue / expense to which it enjoy. Choose income or expense, as well as specify the amount and other data.